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Prime Minister of Somalia appointed 26 cabinet ministers

Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has named 26 cabinet ministers on Tuesday, several weeks after being nominated as the Prime Minister of the country. A new ministry of drought was also created.

Breaking news: The ship was rescued from the pirates by local police forces.

The ship thas was hijacked by the somali pirates off the coast of Somalia was freed from the pirates by the local security forces. The ship is reported to be heading from the town of Alula where it was held for several days to the city of Bosaso Somalia.

Somali pirates hijacked a ship off the coast of somali

A group of about ten somali pirates have hijacked a tanker ship that had Sri Lankan flag. Some reports are saying that the ship is owned by a company in Dubai United Arab Emirates. The pirates are holding the ship near the coast of Alula town in Bari Region of Puntland Somalia.